Smarter Balanced State Assessments

March 31, 2022

It’s time to see how successfully our SES academic systems and learning supports are serving our students. Smarter Balanced assessments will begin in several weeks for 3rd – 5th grade students. These tests provide valuable feedback for administrators and teachers to guide their instruction and measure their efficacy in the classroom. Tests will be given in classrooms by classroom teachers with minimal disruptions to the academic day. We are excited to see how far our students have grown and how Santiam Elementary compares to similar schools throughout the state. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the principal, Corrine McGinnis. Although we want to encourage all students to participate to give us the most accurate measure of our instructional model, we understand if parents choose not to have their students test. Opt out forms are available upon request.

To help your child do their best for assessments and every day, please make sure they are getting adequate rest and proper nutrition. “You Got This!” and ” Do your best!” are great ways to minimize student concerns. Even though it is students who take these tests, it is the school itself that is being measured. State assessments show Oregon educators their strengths and what we may need to improve upon next year. Overall, this is a great way to see what SES students know and what SES students can do!

All 3rd through 5th grade students will take two state assessments this Spring, Math and English Language Arts (ELA). The testing windows for each exam are: April 18th – 21st (Math), May 2nd – 6th (ELA). Fifth graders will also take Science (May 16th -19th). Classroom teachers will determine their specific testing dates and times this Friday, April 8th, during inservice. These will be communicated to parents and families next week.

As always, it is a pleasure to work alongside Santiam Canyon families in the growth and development of our children. The work SES has accomplished this year is tremendous and I am excited about our student learning and growth data. We truly are a school family that Stands Together. As we move forward into a season of assessments, let’s continue to remind our students to Never Give Up!

Go Tigers! We are so excited to watch you Find Your Path to success.

Ms. McGinnis