August 17, 2020

Dear Santiam Elementary Families,

As summer is nearing its end, I know you are all anxious to know what the plans are for the 2020-21 school year start up. We were disappointed to learn that we were not able to move forward just yet with serving some students in the building this fall.  We realize the impact that this is having on families as well.

I have a lot to share with you about our school start up this fall.  Our goal is to provide high quality instruction through remote learning for all K-5 students, that furthers each student’s academic success while working through the state standards.   This year’s comprehensive distance learning will be very different from our short term distance learning last spring.  Our district is going to use a classroom learning system called Canvas. We will be maintaining schedules according to different grade levels.  We will be taking attendance and  monitoring student progress and grades through our district’s learning management system. 

We will be sharing in detail our student expectations while participating in comprehensive distance learning.  Most of our students’ instruction will be facilitated live by the teacher.  After this direct instruction, students will stay logged in and the teacher will be monitoring work time, offering feedback, guidance and support as they complete work.  There will be expectations for student independent work and we will share what the appropriate amount of time for that learning is for each grade level.  There will be whole group and small group instruction as well as 1:1 remote learning when necessary.  This all will promote student academic success and social emotional learning.    Remember, almost all of the student learning will be live and teacher facilitated but to offer flexibility for families they will  also be recorded and posted to the classroom for access.  


The first day of school for ALL (kindergarten included) students will be September 10th, not September 8th.  There will not be kindergarten assessment appointments this year.  This allows staff more time to complete all required training and professional development necessary for the year.  September 10th and 11th will be a time for teachers to create a virtual open house for small groups of students and their parents to meet your new teacher, orient everyone to the chromebook, new program classroom and share their expectations with you all. September 14th instruction will begin.  We will reach out shortly to share our Chromebook and materials distribution process, dates and times. Our planned school supply list for in person learning is attached, teachers have highlighted supplies necessary for distance learning.  Should you have supplies from last year feel free to use those items. New items are not necessary. In the event of in person learning this year the remaining supplies will be necessary.    

SES Comprehensive Distance Learning Schedule

I am attaching drafts of our school schedule for grades K-3 and 4-5.   Each grade level band is a little different according to age and state instructional requirements.  The schedule will offer structure and at the same time flexibility for working families who need to support kids at a different time.  All live instruction will be recorded and posted to the classrooms.  At the end of the student day (around 1:55- 3:20 pm), teachers will use that time to connect with students who need additional support, plan and prepare lessons, and attend building meetings.There will be homework or applied asynchronous learning that will be required which is  homework, and independent learning tied to the instruction given.   Our school’s goal is to best support our students and you by providing consistent, predictable structure and balance as you continue to be your child’s learning coach at home.  


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new staff to you.  Please welcome our new PE teacher Mrs. Hunt.  She is excited and very knowledgeable about Physical Education and will get your students excited and engaged in activities this year.  Santiam Elementary has also hired a new Music teacher.  We will be offering our students music this year! Please welcome Ms. Aldridge to Santiam. So despite all of the changes we are experiencing we are excited to continue to grow experiences and instructional opportunities for our students.  

I appreciate your patience as we work through this unprecedented time.  I know this is putting additional strain on families, not just schools.  Please be attentive to information as it comes out. Registration will be online registration please check our school district website and facebook pages for information and call our office should you have any questions as a returning student or if you are new to our district.  


Margo Williams

Santiam Elementary 


4-5 Comprehensive Distance Learning Schedule 2020.21

K-3 Comprehensive Distance Learning Schedule 2020.21

School Supply List 2020-2021